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 Look Out !

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PostSubject: Look Out !   Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:59 am

Bill Gates has now invaded many more countries than Hilter ever did and has influenced more minds with his propaganda than Goebbels. His plan for Global Domination is nearly complete as his neo-fascist underlings chant his anthem.

"You can keep your Marxist ways,
For its only just a phase,
'Cos, its money that makes
the World go round!"

The Guinness Book of Records now records him as passing the Sultan of Brunei as the Richest Man in the World, depending on the share price of Microsoft versus the market price of oil on any particular day

A German reader tells me that if you pronounce "Window$" in German, it would sound like "Vindofs". "Dof" or "doof" in German, means stupid or idiotic. I'm not in the least surprised!
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Look Out !
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