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 Kannamoochi Yaenada Review

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PostSubject: Kannamoochi Yaenada Review   Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:04 am

The filmmaker makes her presence felt in an arena which is dominated by men. Priya is one of the rare species of fledgling directors in Tamil film industry, who had earlier worked with the likes of Mani Rathnam, had registered her mark as a distinctive filmmaker with her debutant venture ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’, produced by Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies.

Feel good factor is the term you could use to describe ‘Kanda Naal Mutdhal’ and Priya’s latest offering ‘Kannamoochi Yaenada’ too fits the bill perfectly. The additional dimension of course, is the comedy element that runs through the entire movie.

‘Kannamoochi Yaenada’ offers you a non stop comedy with a love story set in the backdrop of a well knit family. The bondage between the family members is in for trouble following the entry of the young man with full of love and a few lies. The whole family endorses the feelings of the girl of their family and loves the boy but the head of the family, a tough Cop, refuses to be impressed.

The game of hide and seek between the Cop and the boy starts. The game is contagious enough to catch up almost everybody. The boy’s uncle, with vested interest, provides some twists and the family is split – literally – over the question of accepting the boy. You get to experience some hilarious moments before everything falls in line.

It is a typical cinematic love at first sight for Prithviraj, a software architect in Singapore, who falls for Sandhya, a psychiatry student. The boy easily breaks the reluctance of the girl and makes her fall in love. The girl convinces her family living in Chennai over phone and gets the boy with her to introduce him to the family.

Everyone accepts the boy except the father of the girl (Sathyaraj), who is the Commissioner of Police. He too is not able to reject him as he respects the feelings of his daughter. So he wants to eliminate the boy by playing some tricks while the mother (Radhika) supports the boy whole heartedly.

Prithviraj lost his parents in his young age and brought up by his uncle (Radha Ravi), an orthodox Brahmin. He is upset over the choice of the girl, who belongs to a different caste. He turns hostile and discards Prithviraj.

The fun filed hide and seek game between Sathyaraj and Prithviraj gets bizarre by the prank played by the uncle. The Cop becomes tough and the boy is ousted. Radhika revolts and gets out of her husband’s hold. Sandhya is disappointed with Prithviaj for his lies. The family falls apart and so does the love.

Then comes a twist in the tale in the form of Sripriya and the rest of the story narrates how the tight spot is solved.

Priya has done a commendable job by presenting a feel good family entertainer with full of comedy without much dependence on gimmicks and clichés. She has conceived some lively scenes to illustrate the tug of war between Sathyaraj and Prithviraj besides presenting funny moments involving the whole family. The scene when Sathyaraj is leaving for Ooty and the scene when the meeting between Sathyaraj and Sripriya takes place stand out.

The way Sathyaraj making truce with Radhika is touchy. The dialogues by A. Sivakumar are sharp and comical. Sripriya’s role is a surprise.

The director could have worked better on characterization. The police commissioner behaving in such a comical manner – especially in the later part of the movie – is quite unacceptable. Though the director hasn’t taken much liberty in the name of comedy, she could have established a credible reason behind Prithviraj’s inability to reveal his position even to his lover. The extreme behavior of the uncle too is not convincing. The way the love blossoms leaves much to be desired.

Since it is obvious that the young lovers would come together following the reunion of Sathyaraj and Radhika, the build up towards the final ‘twist’ is rather irritating. The finale could have been sharp and crispier.

Priya has executed many scenes with aplomb. The way the family receives Prithviraj is deftly portrayed. The turning point post interval too is effectively told. Priya has also conveyed a subtle message that it not only physical violence or explicit insult that could make a woman a subdued person within the family. She has driven home the point that not giving due respect in every respect too is a violence against woman.

Performance wise, Sathyaraj steals the show with his top notch performance. His body language, dialogue delivery, and timing sense are amazing. Prithviraj shows improvement by trying to match the veteran. His charm and enthusiasm do enliven the proceedings.

The effervescent Sandhya resembles Jyothika in her expressions. She looks cute but doesn’t get much scope amidst a horde of stars. Radhika impresses by underplaying her role. Manobala effectively provides comical support. Sripriya handles her role with ease.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has come out with yet another hit musical track. The ‘Kannamoochi’ song stands out and the remix version of ‘Anru Vanthathum’ is enjoyable.

Preetha, the cinematographer, has done a wonderful job. She has spectacularly captured the locales of Singapore and Ooty.

sunshine'z review Arrow nice..

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Kannamoochi Yaenada Review
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