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 How to off / on the Autoplay CD Feature in Win XP

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PostSubject: How to off / on the Autoplay CD Feature in Win XP   Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:43 pm

The Autoplay CD feature in Win XP launches every time you put a cd in and each time it will ask you, which application or which way you would want to view this cd you installed. Now, this is a great function if you just use your CD occasionally, but when I was installing all my programs on my Win XP box, the Autoplay thing got on my nerves in a big way. Here's the best way to handle the Autoplay situation...it also allows you to customize how Autoplay will function.

* Go to "My Computer"
* Go to your CD Rom Drive
* Right Click and go to properties
* The window above will open, click the autoplay tab
* Once there they give you a number of options. In the box just below "Select a
type..." you can select the various file types that autoplay will run for. This is good if
you want to customize your autoplay. If for example whenever a music cd is put in
you want it to play automatically you just fill in the box that says: Select an action to
perform---> Select play--->Hit Apply. Now whenever you put in a music cd it will
autoplay in Windows Media player. If you don't want XP to take any action, just
"Take No Action" hit apply, and do that for all the media types that's available in that

This is the way you could customize your autoplay features. The only thing that I use autoplay for is blank cds, whenever I put on it it opens Nero for me, but all the other autoplay features are off on my comp. If you want to restore it, just follow the same steps and hit restore defaults. There you have it, how to turn on / off and customize your Autoplay in Windows XP.
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How to off / on the Autoplay CD Feature in Win XP
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