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 Shutting Off Your Computer Properly

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PostSubject: Shutting Off Your Computer Properly   Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:28 pm

Okay, so here is a beginner tip that seems obvious and even too simple to write about, but I thought that very new computer users might be unfamiliar with the proper shutdown sequence. Who here has shut off their computer by flipping the power switch off? Well, yes, I'm even guilty of that offense from time to time, but you should always use the shutdown command in the start menu, so here is what you do:

* First, save anything that you were working on, yes, just because you shutdown your computer doesn't mean that it will save everything you've been working on. So, make sure you save anything that is important before you shutdown.
* Go to the Start Button in the lower left of your computer and click it.
* Now depending on what version of windows you have this step will look a little differently for each. In Windows ME, 98, and 95, you can click the shutdown button. In Windows XP and 2000 you have to click Turn Off Your Computer

That's it and the reason why this is necessary is because your operating system, basically the program that runs the whole computer, will shut itself down in a sequence so that no information or data is lost. So remember, shutdown your computer properly and don't just pull the plug on it.
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Shutting Off Your Computer Properly
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