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 P2P Programs - Which To Use?

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PostSubject: P2P Programs - Which To Use?   Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:26 pm

Kazaa Lite
Cost: Free

Review: Kazaa contains spyware, but Kazaa Lite doesn't. Yes some brilliant little computer nerd (sorry about that) came a long and removed all the junk that regular Kazaa has. Gone is the spyware, gone is the unnecessary junk, and what's left is the best file sharing program around. You can find everything on the Kazaa network without having the drawbacks of Kazaa. This is a must download and you can get it here Kazaa Lite.

Direct Connect
Cost: Free

Review: Don't get turned off by the Direct Connect layout, it takes a little getting used to, especially the first time you connect to a HUB, but once you do you'll find an amazing assortment of mp3 files, software, dvd's, and anything else you have the urge to download. The BIG problem with Direct Connect is you have to connect to various hubs, and these hubs have minimum requirements, some like, "20 gigs" of shared files before you're allowed on...so you'll find getting on a hub to be annoying at times and it isn't exactly the friendliest program to use. If you want to get a copy of this program you can get it here Direct Connect.

Cost: Free

Review: It's a very good P2P, but it has spyware!! So use Kazaa Lite, I still rate it better then Morpheus though, because well, that also contains spyware but doesn't work Smile So, stick with Kazaa Lite, but if you absolutely have to, then download this Kazaa.

Morpheus 2.0
Cost: Free

Review: A once great P2P on a sad decline. That's the general feeling you get when you use this new version of Morpheus. Adware / Spyware, umm, something like that is added to your computer, the searches are less then spectacular, oh and umm, I do get disconnected a lot from it. Generally not worth the download! If you want you can get it here though Morpheus 2.0
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P2P Programs - Which To Use?
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