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 Jay-z Says f*ck That! To crazy In Love

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T'$pace Active Member

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PostSubject: Jay-z Says f*ck That! To crazy In Love   Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:40 pm

Jay-Z better watch what he says in front of a large crowd of people before he gets served with some divorce papers! Apparently, Jay-Z and Beyonce had a fall out during Jays performance in LA when he told a DJ to stop playing her song Crazy In Love. When the DJ started Playing Beyonces song, Jay grabbed the mic and yelled, F**k that. Sorry B but f**k that - lets play something else. Snitches say Beyonce who was watching the performance from the side of the stage, was so tight that she stormed off before Jay could even apologize! Anywhoo, later on that night the two kissed and made up as they were spotted in Hollywood partying the night away with 40 friends and family at a private dinner held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotels Tropicana Bar after Jay-Zs sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl. Beyonce arrived to the private dinner with Michelle. Other guests included Mama Knowles, lil sis Solange, Jay-Zs touring buddy Mary J. Blige and Christina Aguilera. Snitches say that Jay sat by Bs side the entire night and that they looked very happy, cuddling each other and being all lovey-dovey. Ughhwhen are they just going to admit that they are indeed husband and wife?!? This is getting real corny
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PostSubject: Re: Jay-z Says f*ck That! To crazy In Love   Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:03 pm

mm r dey playing a game together or wat??? beyonce ivana kaliyanam kati divorce paninal kanaka money varum akum... edo pin nokatoda tan ipdi story creat pani riuku... mmm parpom evila turam poghudu endu.. cha ivan da munchiyum avalda munchiyum link ae ila.. buakkkkk poyum poyu ivana kati riukalae.. endalum pudichadu pulyam kombu pola iruku... aval ipo sing panuradai vitutu, produce pana poral endu kelvi paten.. her next song is da last one, pragu jay-z kuda serndu produe pana poralam...
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Jay-z Says f*ck That! To crazy In Love
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