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 God I freaking HATE Vista!

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PostSubject: God I freaking HATE Vista!   Fri Dec 07, 2007 8:48 am

So I decided to give vista ultimate a whirl on my Pc. (Please don't bitch at me for buying vista ultimate, I really don't want to hear it) So anyway, my overall impression is: God damn it blows! Here is my review:

The positive:

Well they finally made the installation process graphical. So how long has linux had a graphical install interface? A decade at least?

I do admit the windows aero interface is rather attractive. Maybe it is a rip off of OSX but so what. I looks cool, and WAY better than that cartoony look of XP.

They did away with those god damned pop up bubbles that would appear on the task bar from XP. NO I DON'T WANT TO CLEAN UP MY UNUSED ICONS RIGHT NOW!!!!!

The built in spam and spyware protection is nice, but I have no idea how good it is.

The negative:

The whole OS is dumbed down more than ever. It seems like each new release of windows is dumbed down more that the previous version, ever since NT 4. Now when you defrag your freakin C drive, there is no bar thingy that represents the state of your C drive. It just grids away, without even giving you a percentage for how much is left. Don't defrag in Vista unless you don't plan on using the computer for many hours. Run defrag at night while you are sleeping. Oh, and make sure you turn off the scheduled defraging!! Or it will start doing it while you are trying to do shit.

Besides the defraging issue, the hard drive will grind away sometimes and I can't figure out why. It really pisses me off. Just the other day I booted up into vista and the hard drive just grinded and grinded for literally 2 or 3 hours. Anyone have any fucking clue as to what it might have been doing?? ARGGHHH!!!

I have vista automatically map a couple drives from my linux server. For some reason they always appear with the red X icon over the drive, like it is not connected. But they are connected. This is not really a problem, but it is still weird.

This OS is just slower. My Mac Pro is a beast, and it runs vista rather well, but just the other day I used XP for the first time in a while on a mac mini, and XP seemed far snappier.

The price for Vista is outrageous. I got ultimate because I wanted vista to take advantage of both processors (all 4 cores). Why should I have to pay so fucking much for this?? It's not like Microsoft doesn't have enough money.

No auto login in vista. WHY!!?? pricks.

So Microsoft supposedly worked really hard to make Vista really secure, right? So then why are there still a lot of security updates being released all the time?

They copied a ton of shit from OSX. No, I'm not just saying that as an Apple biggot, they really did rip off OSX this time. It is amazing. The calendar, the chess game, gadgets, the new spotlight-like search...

Okay, the bottom line: Vista bites.

If you are still using XP on your PC or your intel Mac, KEEP USING IT. Vista is totally not worth upgrading from XP. There is nothing to gain. It is still windows, just more bogged down with bloat than XP. Only get Vista if you just built a new PC or are installing bootcamp on your intel mac for the first time.

I actually hope Microsoft keeps this up, because it will probably hurt them. I would love to see Apple and Microsoft each share about 50% of the market some day. If that happened, then we might have some healthy competition from the two companies. As it is now, only Apple makes a good OS. I would love to see a good OS from both.

And to you linux lovers, I'm not sure it will ever really work out for standard desktop users. Don't get me wrong, I am not a linux basher. I use linux on an old PC of mine as a server and I love it. But I would never use linux as my sole OS on my main computer. I would not be able to run anything. Linux is great for technical geeks like us, but not for the standard user.

One more thing.. why are gnome and KDE so damn bloated? They are far more bloated than windows. KDE and gnome both run significantly more sluggish on my Mac Pro than windows aero.
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God I freaking HATE Vista!
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