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 How to eat healthy

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PostSubject: How to eat healthy   Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:52 am

after having tested it, i tell u how to get a healthy life, witout stress. here r som rules i try to follow, which help me a lot to giv da maximum of me, witout getting tired.

1st u SHOULD START ur day wit a great breakfats. it s really important. coz during abt 7 hours u didn t eat anthing, so if u wait til noon, u will eat lik a pig.

at breakfast, try to hav a hot drink, to activate ur body. i usually tak a cup of tea ( wit orang taste or vanila) wit jam and bread. at breakfast u can eat how much u want. avoid fett meal. prefer salted meal to sugar. cornflakes wit milk r good, but u may put on coz of it. a fruit is also well. so morning glucid ula meal tan edukonum. btw avoid croissant. remember dat one croissant = min 300 calories. so it means dat u need to ride abt 1 hour da cycle to burn all dez calories.

(dun forget to brush ur teeth afta having ur breakfast)

den for lunch u need protein meals. for example fish/meat/eggs, eat a lot of vegetables. avoid fried meals or hamburger/ sandwich. try to tak da habit to eat salat. salat wit olive oil wit pepper. or avicha minestrom. to finish tak a fruit. btw if per day u eat 3 different fruit, u get all vitamins u need. for da one who need iron vitamins, u can eat red bean. (most of vegetable which r red hav iron vitamin)

at tea time (16h~ u can hav a fruit salat or a yoghurt

and for dinner, try to eat 4-5 hours b4 u sleep. it s not good to sleep just after having meal. for dinner , u should nto eat much. a soup is da right thing. avoid puttu rice. also fried things.

idai follow panina u will c dat ur body will b stronger, and u will b less tired. and u will lose weight too. wit such diest if u do sport, den it will b better! yes3

oh ya drink water a lot. at least 1 liter bottle per day.
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PostSubject: Re: How to eat healthy   Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:02 pm

ok now i solved da prob (replies were coming b4 ashwiny s thread) theeesha i delete ur reply, pls repost it

here s wat u posted


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How to eat healthy
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